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Ingame Updates (8/1/2020)

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These are the updates of 6/7/8 January 2020.

-Nerfed zombies drop rates for pkt 
-Buffed TD drop rates 
-Fixed getting EP in funpk and the message 
-Fixed requiring 30 def for normal prayers (only curses now) 
-Added chance of getting more vote points per vote scroll claim 
-Made ::voted work as well as ::reward Added vote commands to ::commands 
-Made amulet of ranging spawnable Removed debug examine for players

-Modified drop rates of almost all bosses (buffed most a bit)
-Buffed mystery boxes and added new items to them (some juicy stuff in there)
-Buffed magic boxes a bit
-Added global message when you win ags by voting
-Fixed KBD lever safespot
-Removed glitchy pots from edgeville
-Changed voting command so you can now use ::voted/::reward and dont need to type ::reward 1 all
-Slightly nerfed wildy bosses dp/pkt
-Killstreaks should now work for everybody
-Removed dungeoneering requirement for max and comp until we re-release it
-Slightly buffed fight pits rewards
-You can now resell almost all items to dp shop, but the rate is a bit lowered
-Updated ::commands
-Fixed slayer gem options

-Fixed making overloads with extreme potions
-Added bandos to the Pkp shop for 750 Pylos Points
-Fixed Black Dragon Kiteshield color

-Custom sets now also save your mage and prayer books
-Fixed bug where you could use prayers (usually prot item) while dying
-Added ::support, ::updates, ::homepage, ::forums commands and updated ::commands
-Added global loot messages for rare drops and mystery, vote boxes
-Added global message for donations
-Added some new items to starter kit bank (spawns)
-Spacebar should now be able to skip all dialogues including level ups
-Changed background login to blue theme
-Fixed tds safespot

-Reduced Donator points given for killing Wilderness bosses (temporarily)
-Fixed a random singles zone inside of ::zombie

~Vukbrah, Darkwarden

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you love to see it. thanks a mil dev squad.

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