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Ingame Updates (8/2/2020)

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These are the updates of 8 February 2020:

  • Added ::tips interface providing tips for new players
  • image.png.42dc6ff3ece775580fe6da83826b5691.png
  • Changed server broadcast messages to be more helpful for new players
  • Fixed ::wiki command
  • Fixed issue with not being able to skill in wilderness
  • Tweaked duo slayer
  • Improved security of our server and databases
  • Improved anti-cheating
  • Removed trees from ::yaks
  • Added toggle for ::empty warning
  • Renamed magic box to vote mystery box
  • Added a counter for how many mystery boxes you opened
  • Added saving total scrolls claimed on account and you can yell it out via quest tab
  • Added toggle for loot messages
  • Made global loot drops for npcs show kill count
  • Changed remember me button
  • Added 'face north' to compass
  • We have tracked down one of our first players to a spot in edgeville where he seems to stay now, you can talk to him to get his thoughts on the matter!
  • Added max hit dummy
  • Added hiscores - https://pylospk.com/hiscores/
  • image.thumb.png.d4b8c526a2804759cadf423e55875aa6.png









~Pylos Dev Team

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