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Ingame Updates (23/1/2020)

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These are the updates of 23 January 2020:

  • Made the chaotic break message be in red text so its more noticeable
  • Fix the maps for taverly dungeon.
  • Summoning combat now only works in multi.
  • Remove ankou spawn from lumbridge.
  • Remove hint arrow for wild bosses. (caused some bugs with summoning)
  • Updated the Discord link when using the command ::discord.
  • Added Blood altar to Runecrafting making it the best xp/h for the skill. (requires 85 Runecrafting)
  • Removed Orks from Slayer tasks


  • We have a new addition to the PvM shop the Corpsethorn longbowThe bow is better than the current Dragon Staff and will be the best pvm weapon in the game. 


The bow has limited PvP damage, but comes with high accuracy. You can buy the Corpsethorn Longbow for 40k PvM Tokens in the PvM store.


  • ::skilling has been reworked to make it a bit more polished. (Please leave suggestions as what you would like to see in this zone)


  • ::13s will now load faster.
  • Removed the trees at ::yaks.
  • Added a wilderness Portal Hub next to the Edgeville Bank.image.png.393f008ee14e7ae5fe213f3b965b6a53.png

~Pylos Dev Team

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Good update, love the new skilling area. 😊

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Portal Hub FTW

:skilling looks great too, GJ!

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