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Ingame Updates (13/1/2020)

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These are the updates of 13 January 2020.

  • You can now switch your mage book style when using ancients by using mage book icon in settings or ::switchancients command (osrs or pylos style)
  • image.png.db12449924181d2d2228f6e05a5b2697.png
  • Gamblers are now updated, fixed and back!
  • Fixed taverly dungeon doors and shortcuts
  • Fixed issue with summ + prot range overhead not appearing
  • Fixed issue with fkeys interface where they would sometimes appear locked even if they aren't
  • Fixed the bug where you would continue to follow a player after you killed him
  • Chance to get ags by voting is increased
  • Fixed ::sdppvm glitch when teleporting
  • Fixed glitch involving herblore item
  • Removed ge clerks from market
  • Modified mbox droprates
  • Added ::discord command
  • Chaos elemental is buffed
  • Makeover mage interface now appears after tutorial
  • Vigour (i) now shows as a global drop

~Vukbrah, Darkwarden

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Community: "updates please"

Dev Squad: "hold our beers"

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