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Pk video numba 2



How to win the giveaway:

  1. Like the video,
  2. Subscribe to the Pylos YouTube channel,
  3. Comment your ingame name on the video.

1 winner will be selected at random to participate in a goodiebag.

The prizes in the goodiebag:

  • 50,000 Blood Money
  • 1x AGS
  • 1x Dragon Claw
  • 1x Hand Cannon
  • 1x Granite Maul Imbue Kit
  • 1x Primal Boots
  • 5x Mystery Box 
  • 1x Arcane Stream Necklace 

Only one of these prizes can be won, the winner will get to choose between 1-8 and the items will be in my inventory. Whichever item is chosen will be won. Winner will be announced Monday, 8pm GMT.




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