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Media Reward Program

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Hello gamers,

Today we are launching our Media Reward program. As you can see below, we have had a HQ trailer made for Pylos. We are offering an incentive for community members to download and upload the trailer onto your channels.

Members who do this will receive 500 DP in-game as a reward. 

If you do so, please reply below with the following information:

In-Game Username:
Link to Channel: 

If you delete the video soon after, you will have the DP removed and punishments may be given out.


This program is launched in association with several other ventures to bring players to the server. We, the Pylos staff team, wanted to say thank you for your continuous support. 


You can view the trailer here: 

You can download the trailer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CYuNhgj3EzeiPKwW-56dIdsjJEYFdNIG/view?usp=sharing

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