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  2. What you like about the current vote shop: Its pretty decent, you have the imbue kits that most pkers would go for, korasi and special restores. What you dislike about the current vote shop: Not that much variety, feels like its just filled with junk and some good items as mentioned above. Cause other than those items it doesent feel like its worth voting for anything else. What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): You should add some more pvp items for example like zuriel pieces, morrigans and even a vesta spear. Also i would add a ring of vigour (i) that should cost around 100 vote points, a tokhaar-kal and dragon defender too. Another thing i think should be added is a small text that explains the difference between regular vigour and vigour (i). All in all there should be more of a variety in the things u can buy in the shops, like i shouldnt have to pk until i can afford a decent cape or defender, have some of the same items in 2-3 shops and a small text that explains the difference between some items that someone new wouldnt know(vesta and vesta (deg), statius and cursed statius and the vigour (i) and vigour)
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