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    Hello guy's, im new here. I just uploaded the video on my channel! In-Game Username: Benzqu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyWI43W-FqJNPPUtITQEVeQ/
  2. Please give feedback using the following template or similar: What you like about the current vote shop: well the vote mysterybox is kinda ok kinda only decent one because you can get atleast something good out of it :P . korasi is good because people who arent donators can get it too :P What you dislike about the current vote shop: All the stuff from the shop is kinda uselles because starter players get so fast better gear than what is in the shop like vestas and other range/mage gear What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): Add more items like rarer items and good items for alot of points something untreadable like for pvm stuff or pvp so more people will want to vote for those items and starters will stay longer to grind for that too because its rewarded by voting.
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