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    Staff Feedback

    Sorry, this isn't exactly following your template but I just wanted to say that the staff team you currently have is really good, and far better than other RSPS I have played. Everyone is pretty lax and chill. The staff all do a great job but don't take it too overly-seriously. I'm surprised at how active and responsive the owners/devs are. Never saw that on other RSPS. You'd almost never get a response back from them unless it was like donation related. You'd never see them because they'd just idle at ::jail. The amount of updates you guys put into the game is crazy and will almost surely result in an increasing playerbase, provided some advertising. We didn't even get these kinds of updates when Devious was at its peak. It really feels like the staff, owners/devs included, just love rsps and aren't just doing it to get paid. Like there's a genuine interest and love for it. So you got a great staff team all around. My only true critique (for all staff) is that you should maybe be a bit more willing to make events when lots of people are asking on yell, particularly pvp ones. The one time we had 38 online the other day would've been a great time for a bigger event, doesn't have to be anything highly coordinated but maybe a dh tourney or something, doesn't even need to be for some big prize. Thought you kind of missed an opportunity there to create some hype. Most RSPS run into the issue of caring too little about the content and too much about increasing the playerbase, whereas I feel like this server may be the opposite. You guys are pumping out great content, maybe come up with ideas to rack up that playerbase so you all can get your much earned coinses. Oh and also maybe brainstorm some ideas to get people to join forums because this forums is dead af rn, but active forums are LIT and key for an rsps. ❤️ ps: Adam is my favorite. Terrible pker, but treasure of a person. ❤️ Edit: I thought I'd spare you of the filler comments like "cool dude...." and just make a general consensus because you guys work as a team well and get rid of all the fluff and get to the actual feedback. ❤️
  2. The Cyprus

    Community Video 1

    So nostalgic watching rsps pk vids. But the song in the video was geeking me out too hard to focus. "Blacker than the nigga from all-state" lmfao.
  3. What I like about the vote shop - I like the availability and pricing on special restores, imbued rings, imbued special weapons, and celestial. What I don't like about the vote shop - I never liked the pricing of most of the items from the day it was opened on DPK. I think the ancient statuette is obsolete in the shop as well as Bandos being far too many points for their value and alternate ways of obtaining them. I think the cosmetic items need to be highly escalated in price. No one likes cheap cosmetics. It's kind of the same as owning a partyhat in RS3 vs OSRS. Their appearance is hardly valued, it's their worth that is sought after. If they were like 250 voting points people would actually want them. What I think could be improved - increasing the price of cosmetics dramatically. Adding charm packs for summoning. Adding noted overloads. (1 vote point = 2) A few additional cosmetic items that are currently spawnable in game could be made unspawnable and added to the shop. I also think those honor mystery boxes could be added into the vote shop since honor points/voting kind of go hand in hand. Some extra comments - I really like the functionality of the voting system. There's a few discrepancies involving 2 of the voting links, but you will quickly and reliably get your voting points and there's tons of lists to vote on.
  4. As I was glancing at my email, I happened to notice a name that I haven't come across in many years. Deviouspk. That's one game I never thought would get a reboot, but here we are. Lots of familiar faces, people I never thought I'd see again. Hello Soren. If you guys don't remember me, I was a global mod on Deviouspk, gatekeeper of the Flame Wars section, and the question on everyone's tongues was whether or not I had a dick. Truth is... I don't... anymore. I donated it to Isaiah. An act of good faith. Maybe I'll play, maybe I won't. All I know is, if I do, and I enter the wilderness... you'll be rebuilding faster than Joplin after the 2011 tornado. And no one is around to steal my username this time.
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