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  1. It means congratz -.- To everybody.
  2. Lets do it to it, Profit Snek
  3. Break Even


    Welcome brother, If you like Anime checkout Seven Deadly Sins On netflix
  4. All I need is 3-5 Motivated players willing to put in efforts to help pursue the servers best interest to help it become greater. Without community support and self-interest This won't be possible to make happen I hope people become interested enough to participate in a great event idea such as this. 🙂
  5. What you like about the current vote shop: I don't It's been the same for years With little to no change. What you dislike about the current vote shop: The whole shop, I feel it needs a reboot or re-organization. What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): The prices are completely fine for the said items thats been in the shop for the past 5 years. I feel the whole shop needs a re-vamp to broaden selection with better items. Throw rings into honor shop, Keep the cosmetic novelties in vote shop, ECT.
  6. What Is This? "Server Introduction Video Media Event" *INFORMATION* This is solemnly my suggestion, and if approved I will handle the rewarding \ funding. I'm suggesting in the near week or two we host a media event pushing players to create - edit their very own video Introducing PylosPK As being the newest and most promising PK/Spawn server of 2020. How Does This Work? If approved by staff management players will be asked to create & edit their own video *Example* Title - " New RSPS 2020 Introducing PylosPk! Spawn & Pk Instantly! " Description - " Insert own marketing strategy information about server to pull players in" Why Would We Do This? Here at PylosPK, I believe we should work as a team to ensure positive outcomes and results among the server. Thus by working together and creating marketing strengthened tactics to increase playerbase, We could see a major and DRASTIC change in player AND Server activity. We want the server to flourish right? The developers are working HARD in efforts to re-boot this and the management and personally myself see great expectations. Rewards? When and IF this is approved by management and this event becomes live. This is how the rewarding system will be initiated. Each reward will be matched by a side CASH donation to the server for a Professional Advertisement to be done ontop of all hard work by players. To ENSURE Quality Results. 1st Place Prize 2 Dragon Claws + Divine (To be matched with a $50 side donation to server) 2nd Place Prize 1 Dragon Claw + Ely (To be matched with a $30 donation to server) 3rd Place Prize 1 Dragon Claw (To be matched with a $20 Donation to server) How Do We Expect An Outcome? The outcome in strategic marketing and advertisement is simply about cash flow and critical thinking. "Hot catch phrases" "Reel them in" "Sell the show" By using these three methods I can guarantee a POSITIVE and Inclined rate of playerbase by atleast 50+ Players. Lets Market!
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