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    Welcome nice to see you here.☺️
  2. Welcome Taylor nice to have you here πŸ™‚
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    PylosPK Price Guide

    Good job @dumling
  4. Corporeal Beast Location Boss teleports, Corporeal Beast Teleporting here will cost you 200 Pylos points. Prayer & Hitpoints Magic prayer, Corp can hit 59 with magic and 51 with melee. Keep your Hp 60+ and combo eat Rocktail + Karambawn or Rocktail + Sara brew if Corp tries to combo you. Summoning You can use Pack-yak for more supplies if you have it. Method 1 This is fast method to kill corp, But it's expensive. Ring of Vigour (i) is recommended. Tele to Corp and use your Dark bow specs, then tele to ::edge, recharge your special attack at spec altar and then you repeat this until he's dead. I recommend getting Elite Void for good range strength, but you can do this with cheaper setup too. With gear below kill takes around 3-4mins and i had tele to Corp around 15-20 times, so it will cost you around 3000-4000 Pylos points per kill. Gear & inventory Method 2 With this method kills are longer but it's a lot cheaper, because you have to restock food once or twice, Ranging corp with the setup below takes around 6-8 mins depends how lucky you get with ruby bolts (e) special attack. Use ruby bolts (e) until corp is around 35/100 HP then switch to dragon bolts (e) and remember to use your dark bow specs. I wouldn't recommend using melee if you don't have Promethium Spear. With melee setup below kills take around 3-4 mins. Gear & inventory Drops Thanks for reading and hopefully this guide is helpful
  5. Did some corp. Then decided to sell ely back to dp shop and opened couple boxes.
  6. I totally agree with all your suggestions and thanks for informing bugs.
  7. Good update, love the new skilling area. 😊
  8. After 72 wildy boss kills.πŸ˜„
  9. Good job guys keep it up!
  10. Done with skilling πŸ™‚
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