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  1. What an amazing event! can't wait 🙂
  2. I don't know if any body have suggested this already but I had this idea that whenever you click on a certain skill, it would take you to the guide for it in wiki. Like for example, I want to start farming and I don't know how to? instead of going to wiki and search for Farming guide and do all these steps, just click on the farming icon it self and it would take you straight to the guide on wiki, I think this would be very beneficial even though it's not really a big suggestion, most likely everyone would love this. - Ghoul.
  3. Yes - personally I don't really mind how many dragons you get per task except mithral ones because the'yre just 'harder' to kill, other than that got nothing really to say about it but sure I agree. Indifferent- I don't think I ever had a problem with the color of the PvM drops so I can't really vote about this one, all I can say is that wait for everyone to vote. Indifferent - I don't really know about the Mbox's right now but from what I've seen they are way better than they used to be and you can actually get profit for them, never thought I'd say or think about getting profit from spending money on Mbox's but it is true, for example my friend opened like 7 boxes and got a Pmaul, it is luck but a profit is a profit, so I don't really know if I support this or not. - Ghoul
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