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  1. I think on on use item, such as a scroll would work better as then players could choose when to use them. I.E Players might vote but not want to PK right away, therefore wasting the % boost. Making them untradable would be a good idea.
  2. How about adding an item that boosts PKT, DP or Blood Money on use for an x % for an x amount of time. The player could receive one of these after claiming their vote.
  3. Yeah a lot of the drop rates or drops themselves can be changed (I'm not really the best when it comes to this), but the concept still stands the same. I also was not aware of Dagon'hai being available through a different method, but I'm sure yet again this item could be replaced if two sources is too much.
  4. Achievements - (Split into Easy, Medium & Hard Requirement for Completionest) - - Each tier can have these repeated but more required kills etc. You could also take those from the old Wiki and add them in as well (Seen here) - - Each achievement should reward the player (Blood Money for PK Based, XP for Skilling, PVP Armour, Tickets and so on) - - Vote x Times - - Kill x Players - - Kill x Players whilst having 1 Defence and x Cmb. - - Kill x Players whilst having 45 Defence and x Cmb. - - Kill x Players above x Wilderness Level. - - Acquire Killstreak of x - - Acquire x Tier 10 Emblems - - Acquire x Total Level - - Open x Mystery boxes - - Open x PK Boxes - - Light x Fires - - Smith x Items - - Catch x Fish - - Craft x Hides - - Cut x Logs - - Mine x Ores - - Fletch x Arrows - - Make x Potions - - Complete x Agility Course Laps - - Thiev x Times - - Harvest x Times - - Catch x Implings - - Open x Jars - - Slay x Bosses - - Complete x Slayer Tasks - - Create x Pouches/Scrolls - - Build x Item(s) in your house - - Complete x Dungeons - - Complete the Dungeon in x time - - Kill x KBD - - Kill x Corp Beasts - - Kill x Chaos Elementals - - Kill x Tormented Demons - - Kill x Zombies - - Kill x Wildywrym - - Kill x Bal'lak the Pummeler - - Kill x Barrelchest - - Kill x Borks - - Kill x Bulwark Beast - - Kill x Night-gazer Khighorahk - - Kill x Revenants - - Kill x Unholy Cursebearer - - Obtain a rare drop (Not Dragon Claws etc, something really rare)- - Obtain a Pet - - Have a total of x PK Points - - Partake in x Events (Those on rotation) - - Partake in a Fight-pits game - - Kill x of any of the 4 Godwars Bosses - - Visit the Revenant Cave - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Superior Bosses Not an original idea but works well on another server to perfection. The concept is simple, once a boss is killed (I highly recommend this being those situated in the wilderness as this increases wilderness activity) there is an x chance of a rare more superior boss that spawns. (I suggest the chance is 1 in 1K or even higher dependent upon the time it takes to kill said bosses). Some things to note: - The boss doesn't spawn instantly, it has a yell announcement attached (3 Minutes, then 2, then 1, then x boss has spawned) - - The boss has increased HP. - - The boss does increased damage to players. - - The boss has increased drop table percentages and keeps the current drop table. - - All players receive some drop for participation (PKP/Blood Money and the typical roll on the drop table) - - If a player gets a rare item, it is announced on yell. - - The boss requires an Orb or Item that players can purchase for PKP, without this item they cannot participate in the boss kill and therefore cannot be rewarded (PKP Sink). If the player dies with x item, the killer gets half (maybe less) in return and the player must repurchase the x item again. - Possible Superior Boss Ideas I had: - Superior Chaos Elemental drops P1H as a really rare drop 1 in 5K or 10K? - - Superior King Black Dragon drops KBD Heads which could be attached to a Slayer Helm which boosts Drop Rate % by 5? - (NOTE - Maybe KBD should be made PvP during the period of up-time of this superior boss) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wilderness Slayer NPCs added to wilderness: - Green Dragons- - Zombies - - Hill Giants - - Spiders - and so on... - Players can receive Boss & Normal NPCs as tasks. - - Players can obtain Larren's Keys from the NPC / Boss kills (I would make these quite common, 10% / every 10/20 kills?). The player can then use these keys on the Larrens Chest at the Magebank Ship Wreck. Please see below for some proposed items that could be obtained from this chest. - - Each task rewards the player with x blood money, PKP or PvP items? - - A Shop could be added that players can purchase other items (not sure what these items could be) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Larren's Chest Loots Common - Blood Money - - PKT - - Overloads (Noted) - - Special Restore Potions - - Staff of Light - - Rocktails (Noted) - - BH Tabs - Rare - Pk Mystery Box - - Mystery Box - - PvP Items - Really Rare - Dagon'hai Pieces (make them better than infinity but can worn by those with 45 Defence) - - Legendary Tickets? - Scroll of Wrath? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Mages Drop Table (doesn't look to be present as per Wiki) Common - Blood Money - - PKT - Rare - Celestial Pieces - - Saradomin Token (NEW) - - Zamaorak Token (NEW) - - Guthix Token (NEW) - The God tokens could be exchanged for the imbued cape after talking to and killing an NPC within the Mage Arena. I suggest requiring a number of these Tokens (I.E 3-5 dependent on rarity) to begin the dialogue for the imbued cape. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infernal Kraken/Zulrah (Something that can sit in Lava as an NPC) Proposed Location as seen here. Common Drops - Blood Money - - PKT - - Overloads (Noted) - Rare - Pk Mystery Box - - Mystery Box - - PvP Items - Really Rare Drops - Infernal Stone - - Infernal Stone can be attached to x Tokhaal Capes (100 as a recommendation - the aim is to sink) - I also suggest fixing/hiding the cave roofs these would be annoying if this above suggestion was taken into consideration and implemented --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc Suggestions/Bugs - Allow the player to gain Drop Rate Bonus for their character. Could be displayed in the Equipment Tab or in the Pylos Journal (I personally think the Pylos Journal needs an overhaul - It's outdated in terms of other servers and capabilities to what information can be displayed). - - High-scores are delayed with updating. Previously they updated due to user logout, this now has no effect. - - Collection Log? - - Remove Items Kept on Death from Pylos Journal (and add it into Equipment Tab as per usual) - - ::Elo Command (PvP Rating) - - Kill Streak Amount added to Pk Information - - Add Pet drops to all relevant bosses (not sure which ones you added too but I think them all having their own would be something for end game players to aim for) - - Update Wiki Bosses (I.E Chaos Elemental doesn't have pet %) - - Add Hill Giants to within Mage Bank Stairs (currently none) - - Add Poison Spiders to within Mage Bank Stairs (currently none) - - When clicking on the gates within Mage Bank Stairs it takes 2 clicks to open them, rather than 1. - - When a staff member teleports a user from the wilderness it should show a yell message regarding this. (Stops any abuse going unnoticed) - - When you message a player that is offline, the message still goes through. Maybe instead it should state that the player is offline. -
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