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    Pking Changes.

    Hello everyone,so recently i pked a bit with other players and find what i think would attract more players into pking. 1. Trick pot into any meele weapon is not working ,after u drink a pot u will see the gun u switched in to ,but it will use the weapons u had before equiped mechanic and offcourse stats. (trickpot in to spec weapon works just fine). 2.Would be nice to have a freez timers,and veng timers aswell witch would lead to full enjoyable pking. 3.Vesta,Morigans,and Statius shouldnt Deg,if needed price for them in pkp and pvm shop could be increased dramaticly,and also drop rates of monsters.When more poeple will come to the server they will farm tons of vesta and statius just by simply pvming and then all willderness will be in vesta or statius gear witch is one of the best gears in pvp. 4.Chaos altar prayers could be used only in pvm, and not in pvp witch will lead to more simple and more stable pking with out leechees and stuff that chaos altar prayers offers,(Majority of rsps players is oldschool based thats why it would be much more atractive for them and more enjoyable to pk with old prayers). 5.This is must be thing: U must add bots that stands in the willderness 24/7 because when a pker logs in to the server he runs to edge to check how many ppl are in the willderness if he finds something he gears up and goes pking atm willderness is empty so pker just leaves.. 🙂 6. Add some shops with Pots,food, and some simple gear in edgeville with the command ::Shops witch is used by alot of servers it helps the new commers alot without needing to spawn items. 7. When people die with untradables (capes,defenders,chaotics,korasi.. etc) the guy who killed them should get some bonus like pkps and the guy who died must pay pkps to certain npc to fix untradables. So yeah guys,this is my first topic on the forums,i played alot of succesfull pvp/pvm servers with over 400-500 players and this is my opinion about whats must be done to attract more players to the server. I will be making more topics in the future providing my suggestions.. To everyone reading this: Have a nice day and do those grinds! Best regards, Mori
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