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  1. LMAOOOOOOO. Dies to Farmer for claws Loses max to TDs Dies twice to mith dragons in 10 min span.
  2. But can not agree anymore, was just talking about this as well! also next time post in suggestions not general. I moved it for you
  3. Congrats my boy! and best of luck jinx hope to see you very soon!
  4. Omniscient

    I love Sean<3

    Lmaooo fight me @Knightmare
  5. Omniscient

    Community Video 1

  6. Omniscient

    I love Sean<3

    eco cleaner??
  7. Welcome ! & damn @Knightmare you gonna take cyprus to varrock square for a dance?
  8. Omniscient

    The 5 Ws

    Awesome welcome back man !
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