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  1. Welcome to the team @Runerova @Adam does this mean you just lead the Planking Team? Gz to Omni and Knight too ❤️
  2. Appreciate the warm welcoming!
  3. +1 to this for sure, would be great to see in clan battles and just overall group rushes
  4. Heyo Pylos! About time I got around to adding my Introduction to the forums, with my involvement and all around here and the original source. The IGN's CzRSpecV and I'm, at least in my eyes, a decently long time player of Pylos. Many of you OG's already know who I am and my unhealthy addiction to Abby Demons. For the rest of you, I'm a Slayer Fanatic, a lunatic when it comes to PvM Grinding, and the general chill guy who's always bumping to tunes and helping out where I can. Outside of Pylos I'm a student for Software Development, work Full Time Retail and spend about all of my time outside of work or school by eating while gaming. So, without further ado, it's time to get this party started! ~ CzRSpecV
  5. Looks like my luck with Mboxs in video form. Good days and bad days.
  6. Damn those Cele pieces being raked in!
  7. Normal Donor Zone - I agree with the sentiment to leave a few TD's in this zone to assist with either Slayer Tasks or just farming Drops. As it was pointed out, the increase in the server would increase competition for it and this would both push more people to wilderness, as well as more people to donate more. Super Donor Zone - Definitely ok with TD's moving mainly to this zone, provided there is a fair amount. People will most likely choose to upgrade to the Super Donor rank to just farm out TD's for either DP or their drops exclusively. Extreme Donor Zone - Lava Wyrms would be great to have here. although I also agree with not adding Flameburst to these. Currently Flameburst is a nice thing to chase for with KBD, but it also raises the issue that would come with the state of Flameburst. After obtaining one, it is basically useless. After two, it only provides being a waste of a drop. Could experiment with other potential drops which can be traded that would affect the economy. Legendary Donor Zone - Should be more than a ease of access space. As for what would have to be determined more when unique content gets added but it should be worth the cost of investment.
  8. Solid work as always!
  9. Keep slaying these updates guys, awesome work!
  10. Honor to be a part of the team!
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