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  1. Yes I like your idea. I think rather than an "item" as you say it could just be an automatic boost to the players account or the option to choose between certain boosts when they claim their vote (maybe thats what you meant anyway?) - This would encourage everyone to vote, even including people who are rich already as the boosts would not be buyable or obtainable without voting.
  2. This is an awesome idea. id love to see it be successful and you do not need staff permission for this In practise it may not go as planned. There are not many video makers on this server, as shown when Soren created a top 10 videos event, so it may be difficult to get entries. Hope it works out well if you decide to go through with it though!
  3. Knightmare

    I love Sean<3

  4. Interested in earning a Free Mystery Box? Tolday is your lucky day! Every player who gives feedback regarding the topic below will receive one Mystery Box in-game. Please give feedback using the following template or similar: What you like about the current vote shop: What you dislike about the current vote shop: What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): Once you have commented your awesome feedback, I will contact you in-game and you will receive your Mystery Box! One winner will also be selected to receive one rare cosmetic of their choice (as long as we don't have plans for it)
  5. I always remembered you and your disliking for the really toxic Cyprus lol. And our fun dh fights on axionpk too ๐Ÿ˜›
  6. PKP Mystery Box This item would be put into the PKP Store for 50,000 - 100,000 PKP. Rewards could include: 92% chance of receiving a PVP/Statute 2% chance of receiving claws 2% chance of receiving ags 2% chance of receiving Flameburst Defender 1% chance of receiving Staff of the Dead 0.5% chance of receiving dragon slayer gloves 0.5% chance of receiving blood neck Other possibilities: x% chance of receiving (new) Dragon Warhammer x% chance of receiving (new) Abyssal dagger x% chance of receiving (new) Armadyl Crossbow ^The above drops could be altered to include imbue kits, wrath scrolls etc Implementing this could work super well for balancing the value of PKP. One of the reasons the eco is non existent right now is because people are not placing much value in PKP. However, if it became possible to obtain untradables such as staff of the dead & flameburst defender through PKP Mboxes, then very wealthy players would surely choose to gamble with this option over actually actually killing hundreds of corp and KBD themselves - Yes essentially wealthy players would be able to buy untradables from this Mystery Box (with luck), and new players would be better off because their PKP would become worth more. More importantly, they would be more likely to be able to spend it.
  7. - add Dragon Warhammer - Agree - add Abby Dagger - Agree - add Superior Ancient mace. (maybe pay 10 to get it?) - Agree because ancient mace is and has always been quite worthless and is not very useful at the moment. Then again this could be OP in multi pk so would need proper testing first. - add Superior Statius warhammer (removes divine defence 1min + gradually improve the defence loss.) you cannot kill divine campers, at all. maybe make it expensive asf? - Agree with the first part of that. I like the idea of having an item like that which would remove divine effect for longer than 15 seconds - could be an expensive item in PKP shop? If we had a combine system i'd suggest stuff like Golden AGS but that's too futuristic (would add a shit ton of varity that attracts nerds.) - add Armadyl battlestaff, including the magic spell? there's no MAIN ATTACK magic weapon in the game. - Great point about not having a main attack mage weapon. I'd love to see armadyl bstaff + storm of armadyl but I think it would be better to add that new OSRS mage staff which has become quite popular - Heavy/Light Ballista as Donator items, price-class of a divine hits hard make javelins also DP dependant. Toxic staff of the dead pendale, to add upon our staff of the dead. (maybe dropped by zulrah and include the helmets?) - Yes I'd love to see a Zulrah boss and all of its drops. I'm sure it would be popular Dragonfire ward + Ancient shield dropable as exclusives for w/e donator maybe? (buffed a little, otherwise buyables outclass.) - Eh we have RDK at the moment. That became almost worthless by the end of APK so adding more best range shields ingame probably wouldnt help that. I'd support it (dragonfire ward) if it was less powerful than RDK and would also support a ancient shield, maybe as wildy wyrm/wild bosses drops or for a new npc?
  8. Delay/drag command to change the delay between switches, 0-10 - Don't see enough reason to add this ::busy command if used it will auto reply to messages with (this player isn't avaiable right now) - If you're busy then just turn your private chat off. Adding a ::busy command might not hurt but its not really needed it's a good purpose if staff wants to enjoy themselves for a moment, also for players so people don't think theyre getting ignored. Instanced Boss rooms for Legendary donators, so if the server get's big they dont have to use the crowded rooms. (250$+) - I'd support possibly adding one extra KBD, Corp or Ava to Lzone in general but disagree with adding instanced bosses Make overload's not take HP anymore so they can be used as a pot-spec it's just annoying and deviouspk was the only server that had this. - Disagree Show hidden bonusses, in armor tab. - Agree Magic movement need's a hotfix it's rather hard to explain but you shouldn't get insta frozen after the 1st barrage or atleast finish the movement you were supposed 2. can link videos later, if needed. - Link videos? Unless magic has been changed since old deviouspk then this is already fixed (IDEA FOR LATER) - ::rpvp teleport's you to edgeville, only safezone will be the edgeville bank. increased dropchance by 1% for wilderness stuff, redskulled upon enter. (HAS TO HAVE 1 DONATOR ITEM WITH HIM.) could be more % so it's worth doing, would be bonkers on a full server. maybe more clan driven? - Ye interesting idea to look into in the future. For now it would be better keeping all the few online players in the same world ::riskarena basically a place where you have to agree not to PJ, or RAG upon enter, or else you have to get consequences. (yaks dogshit.) - Disagree. I think in the wilderness/PVP anything goes and unless its abusing a bug then it should not be against rules. Also, ragging was illegal for half of Artero and that rule created so many more problems than it solved that its just not worth adding again Nerf Chaos elemental, new players usually done it to make money, now it's utterless garbage. - Agree Buff TDs. dumling can make bank? rofl no? - Tds are fine, but their drop rate is OP. In my opinion legendary tickets & double exp lamps should be removed from their drop table
  9. 1. Agree. Devs are aware of this for many gates/doors related to training hunter, however I'd imagine its not a top priority 2. Sure. You are the second person Ive seen suggest this and there would not be any negatives to doing this, however again I'd imagine it would not be a priority
  10. Add bosses to PVM - Agree. This is definitely important and probably being worked on. If you have specific ideas on bosses/drops itโ€™d be useful to post them Adding skilling courses to edgeville - Didnt think of this. Theres good logic in it especially with playercount low at the moment (To have ways to skill at edge as well as ::skilling) Starting items for new players - This was added not long ago with special vesta & ags. Disagree with your logic in giving players any actual currency. Maybe players could receive a super small amount of pkt simply for the purpose for them to know what currency is used on the server, however wouldnt agree with more than that
  11. We estimated them. Obviously there is no stable eco however this could serve as a base. Most prices are based off of the old server. If you think something should be changed let staff know
  12. Spec Restores - Disagree with changing Dragon Halberd - Agree with buffing d-halberd in that way & agree with being able to see your rank in that way. Nice straight forward ideas. Ankou Set - As for adding more rare items to hunter, I'd rather see other skills get attention at the moment - Maybe that cosmetic item could be added to a "skilling store"? Adding them to the legendary points store as you also suggested could be nice too. Extreme Donator Zone Table - Definitely not
  13. Back in 2014, players in an "active clan" used to be given (by admin+) unique clan yell tags as shown in the picture below. To be classed as an "active clan" a clan had to have an up-to-date forums thread with a members list and at least x amount of members in the clan. It could be fun to have this implemented into Pylos - Its a simple way for players to show off & take extra pride in their clans. Further, new players could see these tags and then become inspired to join a clan, or even make their own!
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