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  1. Today we bring you guys a pk-focused update packaged with some new items for both pvp and pvm and a new shop. Fixes/tweaks/minor additions Changes were made to clipping in fight pits Fixed jad pet summoning Made npcs only follow when they don't use mage or range Fixed thieving pet calculations Added ::prices command - takes you to Dumling's price guide on forums Halberd animations have been changed to osrs ones. Donator rank up message has been fixed. Corpsethorn bow has received a boost to its accuracy and damage to represent its position as strongest PvM item. Fixed female models for zanik's bow and claws. New blood money system and shop! We have added a new currency - blood money. It is a pking-focused currency, that you will receive after killing players in PvP. Many factors are involved in deciding the amount of money you get and we have taken measures to prevent potential exploits. The emblem point shop has been removed. Any emblem points that players currently have will be replaced by the corresponding amount of blood money on login. Turning in emblems will now give blood money instead. You can find the amounts on our wiki - https://pylospk.fandom.com/wiki/Emblem Here's the new blood money store: Cursed statius, armadyl godsword, zanik's bow, BH teleports, pk mboxes and ring of vigour (i) have been ported over from the emblem point store. Dragon claws have been added to the store. Staff of the dead has received a positioning fix, is now tradeable and has been added to the store as well. New items: Dragon warhammer - one of the best special weapon items in-game, offers very high bonuses and a special attack which lowers the defence of your opponent by 30%. Armadyl crossbow - best crossbow in-game, offering 140 range with the highest ranged strength bonus and a very accurate and high hitting special attack - can be used in PvP and PvM. Dragon crossbow - Better than rune crossbow, it's more accurate and does a bit more damage however slower than the chaotic crossbow and thus behind it in DPS. Eternal boots - BIS Mage boots Primordial boots - BIS Melee boots Pegasian boots - 2nd best range boots, only beaten by sagittarian boots. Occult necklace - BIS Mage necklace More new items - Scythe of vitur, Dragon hunter crossbow We have introduced the Scythe of vitur into our game, as the best melee PvM weapon on par with the dragon staff. It does 3 hits on every regular attack in PvM, and 1 hit in PvP. It is located in the donator shop for 200k donator points. Another treat for PvMers we have included in this update is the Dragon hunter crossbow. Stats wise it is between the dragon crossbow and the chaotic crossbow, with the speed of a chaotic crossbow. However, it does an extra 30% damage to all dragons including the King Black Dragon. It is dropped by KBD as a very rare drop.
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  5. Congratulations, big promotions
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    Hey Cube, welcome 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay
  7. These are the updates of 1st March 2020: Hello guys, after about 10 days we come to you with some bigger updates that we have been working on for some time, thank you for being patient and i hope you guys enjoy them as we enter the advertisements phase of Pylos 🙂 Bugfixes/tweaks/minor additions: Fixed an issue regarding imps and wilderness bosses Fixed the way leeches work Fixed some combat calculations causing issues like slayer helmet not working Added ::suggest, ::reportbug and ::hiscores commands Added saving implings caught number You can now click on a skill icon to be taken to that skill's guide page on our wiki Wildy Wyrms now give a guaranteed amount of pvm tokens, dp and pkp on kill Fixed an issue with combat (maxhit) dummy Added pest control server-wide event Added a youtuber rank that you can apply for if you make youtube videos for us Fixed wilderness boss drops, and added the prom full helm and gloves as drops from Ballak The Pummeller (wildy boss) Fixed max cape requirements Coins will no longer be dropped if you are not hard mode (currently disabled) while looting imps Fixed making dragon sq shield (or) and added back fury (or) kit as a drop PKP Shop revamp: The pkp shop has been revamped, with notable additions being vesta (deg) including vls (deg), none of which degrade anymore. They have also been added as pk mbox drops. New/improved items ingame: Dragon pickaxe - new best pickaxe ingame Flame gloves - #2 gloves after dragonslayer Ferocious ring - best in slot mage ring Demon horn necklace - #2 melee necklace after blood necklace Promethium maul - #2 maul after primal maul Vls (deg) - doesn't degrade New trial armour and ags given to players for 12 hours when they first start playing the game: Completely revamped and fixed all enchanted bolts and their effects mostly following osrs - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enchanted_bolts New NPCs and regions: Added revenant cave along with all the revs and their drops! You have to navigate through the wilderness to get to the cave at first, and the revs drop scrolls that you can use to teleport there quicker later. Added 2 new donator zones, ::szone (for super donators) - tds were moved from ::dp to here following our community poll, there are still a couple left over. And ::ezone (for extreme donators) - a new zone with new NPCs, the Lava Strykewyrms The strykewyrms are a new boss/npc only available to extreme donators at ::ezone, and it has the new flame gloves, ferocious ring, demon horn necklace as well as a dragon pickaxe as its most valuable drops The wildy wyrm drop tables have been improved, as they now give guaranteed dp, pkp and pvm tokens, and also have the following new drops: Promethium maul, Tier 5 and Tier 10 Emblems, dragon pickaxe and pk mboxes Our tutorial has been adapted to the new donator zones, and a legendary donator zone is in the works. Thank you for your feedback in the community poll about donor zones thread - we will always appreciate it and listen to you guys. ~Pylos Dev Team
  8. Coming next update 🙂
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    Great video man, loving it
  10. These are the updates of 20 February 2020: Hey guys, we come to you today with some more minor updates and bug fixes that we thought were best pushed immediately as opposed to waiting for a later date to push a big update all at once. Added back ::sdp for super donators while we are working on the new zones (check the thread below and vote, we value your input) Fixed issue with losing honor points Fixed some issues with our sql databases Added ::redskull, a command you can use to risk ALL of your items (untradeables just get increased lose chance) Fixed and updated some commands and ::commands list Update some items kept on death values Fix issue with vine whip and 2h models Added promethium long as bulwark beast drop and prom rapier as unholy cursebearer drop (wildy bosses) Fixed exploit with voting ags lottery Added examines for autokeep items Some hunter improvements: Added dagon'hai set pieces as rewards for kingly impling jars Added celestial pieces as rewards for dragon impling jars Added guaranteed pkp rewards for ALL implings Fixed pirate impling jar name Spawnables will no longer appear as rewards for opening jars ~Pylos Dev Team
  11. Agree about leaving a couple of TD's in 20$ but have plenty more in 50$, definitely agree for the slayer monsters for 250$ and about what Adam said maybe another new boss at a point too? wouldn't be a priority yet but at a point sure i'm down for bosses that are donor exclusive. Kinda undecided about 100$ zone, it's fine but need to decide on drops etc, would be great to have some suggestions regarding that I believe?
  12. There's going to be a barrelchest at ::sdp, ::szone will have different stuff @Runerova
  13. Congratulations, well deserved 🙂
  14. I love this. Definitely not gonna be #1 focus right now, but I think this would be great once added at a later point
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