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  1. Currently if you do slayer you have a chance of getting bosses as a slayer task(e.g. kill 10 tormented demons). My suggestion are: -Seperate the regular tasks from the boss tasks -Add a way to exclusively get boss tasks (after asking duradel to get a new assignment you get an option to choose between regular slayer task/boss slayer task or add another slayer master that exclusively assigns bosses) -Add more boss tasks like chaos elemental/avatar of destruction/barrelchest(as of now it's only tds, kbd and corp) -Add ice strykewyrms to boss slayer, altough in my eyes they aren't really bosses they have useful drops and it will add variation In my opinion regular slayer task should be more xp/hour but boss slayer should be more points/hour because you will only need to kill 5-20 apart from wyrms which should be like 100-200.
  2. ignore the name of my alt
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