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    @Jorik - Haven't really talked to you. @sean - Decent guy, does his job well. Developer @Vuk - Haven't really talked to you. @darkwarden - Funny guy. @Jesse - Haven't really talked to you. Community Manager @Adam - I know you really good and you know how much I respect and like you :) Senior Moderator @money - Props one of the funniest guys on the server, just doing his thing. @Suuri - Don't know you too well but I know you also worked hard for you position. Moderator @Omniscient - In my opinion one of the best staff members atm ( helping wise ). @Knightmare (IGN Byakuya) - Also a very good staff members and a good guy all around. @dumling - Does his job well and is very friendly =) Helper @CzRSpecV - Haven't really seen you too much. All around I don't see any weak staff members.
  2. What you like about the current vote shop: I like that there are items in the shop that you can only get buying it in the shop. Also i enjoy seeing the Vote box. What you dislike about the current vote shop: The infinity's arent really it for me. I find them too much points for a set and the boost aren't really that big. Why spend 10 vp for an item, when I can get spawnables with almost with the same stats. What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): I would enjoy to see ' pk boxes' but different that we have in the shop already. Lets say you buy a 'Pvp gear pack' with like full vesta and a vls for like 10 tokens so that people can also use that to pvm. 10 tokens doesnt have to be the price of it but just to explain it. :)
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