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  1. Calm down you will plank to this monster too EDIT: 18 minutes later OT: Hype slithery boi you've got there. thanks devs ✊
  2. Omni and Josh, your F has been revoked New F granted, gratzi @Break Even
  3. That means thank you You're not welcome
  4. Congrats to our new teammate @Runerova but big F for Omni and Josh 😷
  5. There’s so much here I don’t know where to start, because I do have comments, but I think I’d rather narrow these down with staff first so we can present some main talking points I appreciate the amount of time you dedicated to this suggestions thread, Duggie, thank you
  6. Congrats Dumling, well deserved ❤️
  7. Adam

    I love Sean<3

    Tb I shared
  8. Adam

    The 5 Ws

    Awesome to see old players coming back to our community. Let your friends know, join our discord, get involved and let's have fun I'm Adam ingame and I'm EST timezone so hit me up if you ever wanna play or if you need help. Old username: King Sambo / Crablife
  9. Adam

    I got cornavirus

    nice clickbait title and photoshopped screenie mouthbreather
  10. Bruh where do I even start I love them all but... PETS? I’m in
  11. This week you boys are safe because I’ll be out of town next pvp event I will be taking all your butts again let’s goooo, Gl NHers
  12. EVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENT Welcome to Pylos' second weekly PVP event! This week's event will be: Tournament Style: Best of 1 NH Fight Rules: ¤ Deathmatch (tele/run = autolose) ¤ No Summoning ¤ No Spec Leech ¤ Curse Prayers Prizes: EVERY PARTICIPANT WILL RECEIVE A GMAUL IMBUE KIT 1st Place: Divine Spirit Shield, 7,000 PKT, Vesta's Longsword (Deg), & Tier 10 Emblem 2nd Place: Armadyl Godsword, 3,000 PKT, & Tier 9 Emblem 3rd Place: Arcane Spirit Shield, Full Celestial, & Tier 8 Emblem EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY MARCH 15TH, 4PM GMT Comment what you think we should do next. Special thanks to @Suuri for hosting! And shoutout to @Tehunknown for helping with the event graphic! Prizes provided by Suuri, @dumling, and PylosPK. Pylos Staffteam
  13. Adam

    few suggestions

    sure, keep em coming
  14. Adam


    i'm in a group
  15. EVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENT Starting this week, Pylos will have weekly PVP events. This week's event will be: Tournament Style Best of 3 fights: 1 Veng, 1 Hybrid, 1 Pure Prizes: EVERY PARTICIPANT WILL RECEIVE A GMAUL IMBUE KIT 1st Place: Tier 10 Emblem, AGS, AGS Imbue Kit, and Divine Spirit Shield 2nd Place: Tier 9 Emblem & Dragon Claws 3rd Place: Tier 8 Emblem EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY MARCH 8TH, 4:30PM GMT Comment your thoughts. See you there! Special thanks to @Knightmare and @Freze for helping with pvp screenshots! Prizes provided by Knightmare, Adam, and PylosPK. Pylos Staffteam
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