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  1. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping COVID-19 free, today we got some promotions! @Runerova has been promoted to Trial Helper @Omniscient has been promoted to Senior Moderator @Knightmare has been promoted to Community Manager @Adam has been promoted to Head Moderator
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    nice video KiNg NaKaMa
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    New eco cleaner

    damn nice job Dumling
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    Community Video 1

    nice job freddo
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    finished the game

    legit have never seen this, probs used up all your luck on this rather than the pet 🙂
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    I love Sean<3

    wow nice bank
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    The 5 Ws

    Welcome back fella 🙂
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    Media Reward Program

    Hello gamers, Today we are launching our Media Reward program. As you can see below, we have had a HQ trailer made for Pylos. We are offering an incentive for community members to download and upload the trailer onto your channels. Members who do this will receive 500 DP in-game as a reward. If you do so, please reply below with the following information: In-Game Username: Link to Channel: If you delete the video soon after, you will have the DP removed and punishments may be given out. This program is launched in association with several other ventures to bring players to the server. We, the Pylos staff team, wanted to say thank you for your continuous support. You can view the trailer here: You can download the trailer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CYuNhgj3EzeiPKwW-56dIdsjJEYFdNIG/view?usp=sharing
  9. INVITE COMPETITION: Until May 31st, we'll be rewarding people for their Discord invitations. We hope to see everyone earn a prize while cultivating a stronger community here at Pylos! Rules: NO BOTS NO ALTS NO POSTING PYLOS INVITE LINK IN OTHER RSPS DISCORDS All qualifiers will receive their winnings at the end of the competition: TOP 10 PLACEMENTS WILL WIN BIG! 1: Choose from 50M OSRS, or 5,000 PylosPK Donator Points 2-5: 25M OSRS 6-10: 10M OSRS BONUS: If you did not place top 10 but had at least 5 invites, we will work out a consolation prize for your troubles. For real-time updates, check #invitations and use commands !leaderboard & !invites @user. GOOD LUCK! ~ Pylos team
  10. sean

    Dicing Rules

    There are the following dice games that are allowed on Pylos. Key Notes: When referencing the "player rolling", this refers to the dicer rolling on behalf of the player as the players turn. Ties automatically go in favour of the host (the dicer - the house always wins) All bets must be confirmed in clan chat - this includes bet amount, game mode, and who is betting. e.g. If you are not able to pay the items back (e.g. if someone is betting claws, and you don't have a pair) you must sort out the prize pool before the bet takes place. If you are a legitimate dicer, it would be wise to record your sessions in case of scam report. If you do not confirm properly, or break the rules of the game, you must forfeit. Game Modes Blackjack The objective for both the dicer and the player is to get as close to 100 without going over. In blackjack, the player rolls first. The player may stop when they are confident with their number. Consecutive rolls are added together. If the player goes over 100, they automatically lose. The dicer then rolls, and has to beat the player without going over 100. If the dicer goes over 100, the player wins. If the dicer gets closer to 100, the dicer wins. 55x2, 65x3, 75x4, or variations This game mode is up to the dicer. The logic is simple; for 55x2, if the player rolls above a 55, they receive x2 of their bet (either in item, or respective value form. This must be agreed upon before hand, and confirmed in the clan chat). The target number/odds/multiplier can be changed by the dicer. Bo3, Bo5, Bo7, etc. This game mode involves the player rolling, and the dicer rolling. The objective is to get the higher number. For example, the player rolls a 50, the dicer must get above 49 (as 50 = tie = dicer win). If someone wins 2/3, 3/5, 5/7, etc (majority of overall games) they win the prize pool. Dice Duel Same as bo3/bo5/etc except both dicers roll for themselves. Get a mod to middleman if you aren't recording.
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