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    We've got a fairly big update today, we're introducing Pets, Dicing, and new PvM gear, along with some other changes. Dicing is here! Ranked members can now host dice game in their own clan chats. To purchase a rank, you can take 3 routes; $250 bitcoin or litecoin $250 worth of RSGP $250 worth of Donation Scrolls To purchase the Dicer rank, please contact either myself or Jorik. You can view the rules here. The new dicer zone is located on Evil Bob's island. It is not necessary that you dice here, but it is recommended. Pets! We have added several pets into the game. You can obtain them via PvM or skilling. The following list of pets is; Baby Mole - kill giant mole Pet Chaos Elemental - kill chaos elemental Corporeal Critter - kill corporeal beast Prince Black Dragon - kill the kbd Tzrek-jad - complete fightpits games Beaver - obtain via woodcutting Heron - obtain via fishing Rift guardian - obtain via runecrafting Rock golem - obtain via mining Rocky - obtain via theiving Tangleroot - obtain via farming Currently pets are autokeep, but in a future update (soon) we will be adding insurance that you must buy in order to reclaim your pet when you die. Blightleaf armour is a special type (and expensive) PvM armour that reduces your damage taken from PvM monsters. This will help out keeping yourself alive, especially against the tougher bosses! It will not have any PvP bonuses. In total the armour absorbs 25% melee, range, and magic attacks from PvM monsters. The price scales with the bonus, which depends on the piece. The Top/Bottom will provide a 7% reduction, Hood will provide a 5% reduction, Gloves/Boots will provide a 3% reduction. It has range, melee, and magic boosts, and is slightly weaker than a "combo" nex set Misc Changes: Super Donator Zone has been swapped with legendary donator zone: Super Donator Zone now contains the lair for all of the slayer NPC's... the top floor is empty, and something new will be added shortly. The Legendary Donator zone now contains the lair containing Tormented Demons. A new boss will be added shortly. Max hit with mage now works on Max Hit dummy. Rejuvenation pool now clears your poison Pathfinding has been improved and will be continued to be worked on P1h, Pmaul (1h), some other rares have been added.
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    Achievements - (Split into Easy, Medium & Hard Requirement for Completionest) - - Each tier can have these repeated but more required kills etc. You could also take those from the old Wiki and add them in as well (Seen here) - - Each achievement should reward the player (Blood Money for PK Based, XP for Skilling, PVP Armour, Tickets and so on) - - Vote x Times - - Kill x Players - - Kill x Players whilst having 1 Defence and x Cmb. - - Kill x Players whilst having 45 Defence and x Cmb. - - Kill x Players above x Wilderness Level. - - Acquire Killstreak of x - - Acquire x Tier 10 Emblems - - Acquire x Total Level - - Open x Mystery boxes - - Open x PK Boxes - - Light x Fires - - Smith x Items - - Catch x Fish - - Craft x Hides - - Cut x Logs - - Mine x Ores - - Fletch x Arrows - - Make x Potions - - Complete x Agility Course Laps - - Thiev x Times - - Harvest x Times - - Catch x Implings - - Open x Jars - - Slay x Bosses - - Complete x Slayer Tasks - - Create x Pouches/Scrolls - - Build x Item(s) in your house - - Complete x Dungeons - - Complete the Dungeon in x time - - Kill x KBD - - Kill x Corp Beasts - - Kill x Chaos Elementals - - Kill x Tormented Demons - - Kill x Zombies - - Kill x Wildywrym - - Kill x Bal'lak the Pummeler - - Kill x Barrelchest - - Kill x Borks - - Kill x Bulwark Beast - - Kill x Night-gazer Khighorahk - - Kill x Revenants - - Kill x Unholy Cursebearer - - Obtain a rare drop (Not Dragon Claws etc, something really rare)- - Obtain a Pet - - Have a total of x PK Points - - Partake in x Events (Those on rotation) - - Partake in a Fight-pits game - - Kill x of any of the 4 Godwars Bosses - - Visit the Revenant Cave - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Superior Bosses Not an original idea but works well on another server to perfection. The concept is simple, once a boss is killed (I highly recommend this being those situated in the wilderness as this increases wilderness activity) there is an x chance of a rare more superior boss that spawns. (I suggest the chance is 1 in 1K or even higher dependent upon the time it takes to kill said bosses). Some things to note: - The boss doesn't spawn instantly, it has a yell announcement attached (3 Minutes, then 2, then 1, then x boss has spawned) - - The boss has increased HP. - - The boss does increased damage to players. - - The boss has increased drop table percentages and keeps the current drop table. - - All players receive some drop for participation (PKP/Blood Money and the typical roll on the drop table) - - If a player gets a rare item, it is announced on yell. - - The boss requires an Orb or Item that players can purchase for PKP, without this item they cannot participate in the boss kill and therefore cannot be rewarded (PKP Sink). If the player dies with x item, the killer gets half (maybe less) in return and the player must repurchase the x item again. - Possible Superior Boss Ideas I had: - Superior Chaos Elemental drops P1H as a really rare drop 1 in 5K or 10K? - - Superior King Black Dragon drops KBD Heads which could be attached to a Slayer Helm which boosts Drop Rate % by 5? - (NOTE - Maybe KBD should be made PvP during the period of up-time of this superior boss) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wilderness Slayer NPCs added to wilderness: - Green Dragons- - Zombies - - Hill Giants - - Spiders - and so on... - Players can receive Boss & Normal NPCs as tasks. - - Players can obtain Larren's Keys from the NPC / Boss kills (I would make these quite common, 10% / every 10/20 kills?). The player can then use these keys on the Larrens Chest at the Magebank Ship Wreck. Please see below for some proposed items that could be obtained from this chest. - - Each task rewards the player with x blood money, PKP or PvP items? - - A Shop could be added that players can purchase other items (not sure what these items could be) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Larren's Chest Loots Common - Blood Money - - PKT - - Overloads (Noted) - - Special Restore Potions - - Staff of Light - - Rocktails (Noted) - - BH Tabs - Rare - Pk Mystery Box - - Mystery Box - - PvP Items - Really Rare - Dagon'hai Pieces (make them better than infinity but can worn by those with 45 Defence) - - Legendary Tickets? - Scroll of Wrath? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Mages Drop Table (doesn't look to be present as per Wiki) Common - Blood Money - - PKT - Rare - Celestial Pieces - - Saradomin Token (NEW) - - Zamaorak Token (NEW) - - Guthix Token (NEW) - The God tokens could be exchanged for the imbued cape after talking to and killing an NPC within the Mage Arena. I suggest requiring a number of these Tokens (I.E 3-5 dependent on rarity) to begin the dialogue for the imbued cape. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infernal Kraken/Zulrah (Something that can sit in Lava as an NPC) Proposed Location as seen here. Common Drops - Blood Money - - PKT - - Overloads (Noted) - Rare - Pk Mystery Box - - Mystery Box - - PvP Items - Really Rare Drops - Infernal Stone - - Infernal Stone can be attached to x Tokhaal Capes (100 as a recommendation - the aim is to sink) - I also suggest fixing/hiding the cave roofs these would be annoying if this above suggestion was taken into consideration and implemented --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc Suggestions/Bugs - Allow the player to gain Drop Rate Bonus for their character. Could be displayed in the Equipment Tab or in the Pylos Journal (I personally think the Pylos Journal needs an overhaul - It's outdated in terms of other servers and capabilities to what information can be displayed). - - High-scores are delayed with updating. Previously they updated due to user logout, this now has no effect. - - Collection Log? - - Remove Items Kept on Death from Pylos Journal (and add it into Equipment Tab as per usual) - - ::Elo Command (PvP Rating) - - Kill Streak Amount added to Pk Information - - Add Pet drops to all relevant bosses (not sure which ones you added too but I think them all having their own would be something for end game players to aim for) - - Update Wiki Bosses (I.E Chaos Elemental doesn't have pet %) - - Add Hill Giants to within Mage Bank Stairs (currently none) - - Add Poison Spiders to within Mage Bank Stairs (currently none) - - When clicking on the gates within Mage Bank Stairs it takes 2 clicks to open them, rather than 1. - - When a staff member teleports a user from the wilderness it should show a yell message regarding this. (Stops any abuse going unnoticed) - - When you message a player that is offline, the message still goes through. Maybe instead it should state that the player is offline. -
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    We are expanding our update of yesterday with more pk-focused tweaks! Fixes/tweaks/minor additions Blood money should now display correctly above 10k. Fixed the Scythe animation no more weird looking feet. Fixed the Scythe GFX. Other people can now also see the GFX. Added the new donator zones to the tutorial. OSRS switching has been added! When making an account you now have the option to choose between the OSRS tick system or the good old Instant Switch. The command "::ticks" has been added to switch between the two.
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    PylosPK Price Guide Donator Shop 1 Mystery Box - 1,000 PKT Pk Mystery Box - 2,000 PKT Dragon Claws - 15,000 PKT Armadyl Godsword - 10,000 PKT Divine Spirit Shield - 25-30k PKT Elysian Spirit Shield - 16k PKT Arcane Spirit Shield - 7-8k PKT Spectral Spirit Shield - 3-5k PKT Chaotic Crossbow - 13-15k PKT Chaotic Staff - 10k PKT Chaotic Kiteshield - 10k PKT Farseer Kiteshield - 12-13k PKT Handcannon - 4-6k PKT Partyhats - No set price ATM Halloween Masks - No set price ATM (None ingame) Santa Hat - No set price ATM (None ingame) Donator Shop 2 Torva Set - 80-90k PKT Pernix Set - 80-90k PKT Virtues Set - 80-90k PKT Legendary Ticket - 10k PKT Rune Pouch - 8-10k PKT Ardougne Cloak 1 - No set price ATM Ardougne Cloak 2 - No set price ATM Ardougne Cloak 3 - No set price ATM Novite Set - No set price ATM Novite Battleaxe - No set price ATM Novite 2H Sword - No set price ATM Novite Maul - No set price ATM Novite Longsword - No set price ATM Novite Rapier - No set price ATM Primal Set - No set price ATM Primal Boots - 20-25k PKT Primal Battleaxe - No set price ATM Primal 2H Sword - 75k PKT Primal Maul - 75k PKT Primal Longsword - 75k PKT Primal Rapier - 25-30k PKT Legendary Shop Legendary Ticket - 8k PKT Double XP Lamp - 10k PKT Scroll of Rigour -50k PKT (5 legendary tickets) Scroll of Augury - 50k PKT (5 legendary tickets) Third-age Melee Set - 310k PKT (31 legendary tickets) Third-age Mage Set - 310k PKT (31 legendary tickets) Third-age Range Set - 280k PKT (28 legendary tickets) Third-age Druidic Set - 1.6m PKT (160 legendary tickets) Full Ringmaster Set (with both hats) - 530k PKT (53 legendary tickets) PVM Shop Penguin Staff - No set price ATM Dragon Staff - No set price ATM Corpsethorn Bow - No set price ATM Blightleaf armour - No set price ATM Vote Shop Vote Scroll - 80-120 PKT (Gives 1-2 Vote Points) Vote Box - 2,000 PKT (20 Vote Points) Berserker Ring (I) - 3,000 PKT (30 Vote Points) Warrior Ring (I) - 3,000 PKT (30 Vote Points) Archers Ring (I) - 3,000 PKT (30 Vote Points) Seers Ring (I) - 3,000 PKT (30 Vote Points) Celestial Staff - 4,000 PKT Celestial Hood - 1,500 PKT Celestial Robe Top - 1,500 PKT Celestial Robe Bottom - 1,500 PKT Celestial Shoes - 1,500 PKT Celestial Gloves - 750 PKT Top Hat - 2,000 PKT Rainbow Afro - 2,000 PKT Other items Red Dragon Kiteshield - 30-35k PKT Black Dragon Kiteshield - 45-50k PKT Cursed Statius' Set - 70-80k PKT Zaniks Crossbow - 50-60k PKT Promethium Set - No set price ATM Promethium Longsword - No set price ATM Promethium Rapier - 30-35k PKT Abyssal Vine Whip - No set price ATM Demonhorn Necklace - No set price ATM Dragon Pickaxe - No set price ATM Flamegloves - 7-10k PKT Ferocious Ring - 10k PKT Slayer helmet - 50-60 PKT Full Slayer helmet - 150-200k PKT Split dragontooth necklace - 7-10k PKT If you think we have missed any items, feel free to contact a staff member, and we will add it in ASAP!
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    Today we bring you guys a pk-focused update packaged with some new items for both pvp and pvm and a new shop. Fixes/tweaks/minor additions Changes were made to clipping in fight pits Fixed jad pet summoning Made npcs only follow when they don't use mage or range Fixed thieving pet calculations Added ::prices command - takes you to Dumling's price guide on forums Halberd animations have been changed to osrs ones. Donator rank up message has been fixed. Corpsethorn bow has received a boost to its accuracy and damage to represent its position as strongest PvM item. Fixed female models for zanik's bow and claws. New blood money system and shop! We have added a new currency - blood money. It is a pking-focused currency, that you will receive after killing players in PvP. Many factors are involved in deciding the amount of money you get and we have taken measures to prevent potential exploits. The emblem point shop has been removed. Any emblem points that players currently have will be replaced by the corresponding amount of blood money on login. Turning in emblems will now give blood money instead. You can find the amounts on our wiki - https://pylospk.fandom.com/wiki/Emblem Here's the new blood money store: Cursed statius, armadyl godsword, zanik's bow, BH teleports, pk mboxes and ring of vigour (i) have been ported over from the emblem point store. Dragon claws have been added to the store. Staff of the dead has received a positioning fix, is now tradeable and has been added to the store as well. New items: Dragon warhammer - one of the best special weapon items in-game, offers very high bonuses and a special attack which lowers the defence of your opponent by 30%. Armadyl crossbow - best crossbow in-game, offering 140 range with the highest ranged strength bonus and a very accurate and high hitting special attack - can be used in PvP and PvM. Dragon crossbow - Better than rune crossbow, it's more accurate and does a bit more damage however slower than the chaotic crossbow and thus behind it in DPS. Eternal boots - BIS Mage boots Primordial boots - BIS Melee boots Pegasian boots - 2nd best range boots, only beaten by sagittarian boots. Occult necklace - BIS Mage necklace More new items - Scythe of vitur, Dragon hunter crossbow We have introduced the Scythe of vitur into our game, as the best melee PvM weapon on par with the dragon staff. It does 3 hits on every regular attack in PvM, and 1 hit in PvP. It is located in the donator shop for 200k donator points. Another treat for PvMers we have included in this update is the Dragon hunter crossbow. Stats wise it is between the dragon crossbow and the chaotic crossbow, with the speed of a chaotic crossbow. However, it does an extra 30% damage to all dragons including the King Black Dragon. It is dropped by KBD as a very rare drop.
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    mathhaaamatics the bank just adding up This weeks giveaway, the same as last week is a goodiebag, to have a chance to win you just have to comment your in-game name and subscribe to the Pylos youtube channel! The winner will be selected to have a go at a goodiebag, this week and win 1 of 8 possible prizes! Prizes: 1500x PvM tokens A choice of either eternal/primordial/pegasian boots Divine Spirit Shield 1x AGS Imbue Kit 50x Special Restore Potions 5x Vote Mystery Box Arcane Stream Necklace Spirit Shield The winner will be announced at Monday, 8pm GMT on the servers discord.
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    @Jorik - Haven't really talked to you. @sean - Decent guy, does his job well. Developer @Vuk - Haven't really talked to you. @darkwarden - Funny guy. @Jesse - Haven't really talked to you. Community Manager @Adam - I know you really good and you know how much I respect and like you :) Senior Moderator @money - Props one of the funniest guys on the server, just doing his thing. @Suuri - Don't know you too well but I know you also worked hard for you position. Moderator @Omniscient - In my opinion one of the best staff members atm ( helping wise ). @Knightmare (IGN Byakuya) - Also a very good staff members and a good guy all around. @dumling - Does his job well and is very friendly =) Helper @CzRSpecV - Haven't really seen you too much. All around I don't see any weak staff members.
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    Please give feedback using the following template or similar: What you like about the current vote shop: well the vote mysterybox is kinda ok kinda only decent one because you can get atleast something good out of it :P . korasi is good because people who arent donators can get it too :P What you dislike about the current vote shop: All the stuff from the shop is kinda uselles because starter players get so fast better gear than what is in the shop like vestas and other range/mage gear What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): Add more items like rarer items and good items for alot of points something untreadable like for pvm stuff or pvp so more people will want to vote for those items and starters will stay longer to grind for that too because its rewarded by voting.
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    Welcome to the team @Runerova @Adam does this mean you just lead the Planking Team? Gz to Omni and Knight too ❤️
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    What Is This? "Server Introduction Video Media Event" *INFORMATION* This is solemnly my suggestion, and if approved I will handle the rewarding \ funding. I'm suggesting in the near week or two we host a media event pushing players to create - edit their very own video Introducing PylosPK As being the newest and most promising PK/Spawn server of 2020. How Does This Work? If approved by staff management players will be asked to create & edit their own video *Example* Title - " New RSPS 2020 Introducing PylosPk! Spawn & Pk Instantly! " Description - " Insert own marketing strategy information about server to pull players in" Why Would We Do This? Here at PylosPK, I believe we should work as a team to ensure positive outcomes and results among the server. Thus by working together and creating marketing strengthened tactics to increase playerbase, We could see a major and DRASTIC change in player AND Server activity. We want the server to flourish right? The developers are working HARD in efforts to re-boot this and the management and personally myself see great expectations. Rewards? When and IF this is approved by management and this event becomes live. This is how the rewarding system will be initiated. Each reward will be matched by a side CASH donation to the server for a Professional Advertisement to be done ontop of all hard work by players. To ENSURE Quality Results. 1st Place Prize 2 Dragon Claws + Divine (To be matched with a $50 side donation to server) 2nd Place Prize 1 Dragon Claw + Ely (To be matched with a $30 donation to server) 3rd Place Prize 1 Dragon Claw (To be matched with a $20 Donation to server) How Do We Expect An Outcome? The outcome in strategic marketing and advertisement is simply about cash flow and critical thinking. "Hot catch phrases" "Reel them in" "Sell the show" By using these three methods I can guarantee a POSITIVE and Inclined rate of playerbase by atleast 50+ Players. Lets Market!
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    In-Game Username: Soren Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCncirdDhfR3bMZQ7lL2OMSw?view_as=subscriber
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    Felt like showing some of my old videos. Enjoy. I ordered them from newest to old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZng_DV7sA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7ioPLv2D2c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB7K9CvzEd0
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    -PATHFINDING -Rune pouch not working with vengance. -Eating doesn't stop u from attacking -Divine prayer drain currently ticks twice as fast instead of slower with prayer bonus -Infinite loading screen on login
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    1) Tormented demons Overhead problem TDS tend to get stuck in a trance where whatever you are using the TD will say it is immune to your style of combat whenever the overhead prayer of TD is the opposite. (Overhead bug) 2) Cursed Stat body has bug, looks like regular stat body unless eating, potting, ECT. (Model Bug) 3) Highlight & push to top of pile any loot that are non-spawns. (Reason being it is just an extra feature for people that can't see well trying to fish through loot, to be able to notice more clearly and easier what he/she should grab) *It's a very helpful feature* 4) Fix the delay from Darkbow- switching INTO the CCB or any crossbow aswell affected.(When using darkbow spec. It will not allow you to use CCB momentarily, when I say this delay will affect you in combat i mean it. When at TDS TDS will hit you 5 times before your ccb will even start shooting again, (i can only imagine how much of a dis-advantage rangers will have in PVP combat in wilderness.) 5) Custom Donator Cape ( This provides donators a nice cosmestic item as a special and wearable "Thank You!" for contributing to PylosPk.) Maybe give this cape an ability, special emote, or teleport? Each different donation title = different special Custom Donator Cape 6) Advanced Agility Course (ECT Skill Courses & Stalls) (Agility can get very slow right? I say we offer an advanced agility course when reaching the levels of 80-90 to provide a little bit more Exp.) *Note* I know and understand all (or) any of these suggestions are subjected to be dismissed. These suggestions are primarily from my own personal opinion and have not been shared with anybody.
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    My names Armando and ive been around since 2011, went inactive after terrys last server shutdown which was called rune reborn iirc After that ive only been browsing the forums from time to time of the servers that came after it Got in the mood to play again after a certain someone was annoying me i suck at pking i like animu
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    Interested in earning a Free Mystery Box? Tolday is your lucky day! Every player who gives feedback regarding the topic below will receive one Mystery Box in-game. Please give feedback using the following template or similar: What you like about the current vote shop: What you dislike about the current vote shop: What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): Once you have commented your awesome feedback, I will contact you in-game and you will receive your Mystery Box! One winner will also be selected to receive one rare cosmetic of their choice (as long as we don't have plans for it)
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    Pk video numba 2 How to win the giveaway: Like the video, Subscribe to the Pylos YouTube channel, Comment your ingame name on the video. 1 winner will be selected at random to participate in a goodiebag. The prizes in the goodiebag: 50,000 Blood Money 1x AGS 1x Dragon Claw 1x Hand Cannon 1x Granite Maul Imbue Kit 1x Primal Boots 5x Mystery Box 1x Arcane Stream Necklace Only one of these prizes can be won, the winner will get to choose between 1-8 and the items will be in my inventory. Whichever item is chosen will be won. Winner will be announced Monday, 8pm GMT. NOW CLOSED: WINNER WAS @legoeiland4
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    Congrats Dumling, well deserved ❤️
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    Welcome brother, If you like Anime checkout Seven Deadly Sins On netflix
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    I was just brainstorming about ideas and all sort of things that affect pylos. This idea was one of them and i'll keep you updated with the results.
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    Hello guy's, im new here. I just uploaded the video on my channel! Lets make this community as big as it was years ago <3 In-Game Username: Fido Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zsY3pFlDGE&feature=youtu.be
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    In-Game Username: Armando Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARyTCqIYQ9c
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    Nice vid as always
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    Nice vid fred 🙂 but i still slap u
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    What you like about the current vote shop: It's decent, it looks good cosmetic items, korasi imbue kits, spec restores pkers use, celestial+ ring (i's). Also i like the vote mystery box its nice add becuase i like open boxes my self. What you dislike about the current vote shop: i don't like the ancient statuette i mean 3 vote points for 200 pylos points, bandos isn't expensive at all and 20 vp per piece is a robbery in my opinion What you think could be improved with the current vote shop or voting system in general (price changes, new items etc): I don't think anything new should get added or atleast doesn't come in my mind, maybe lower bandos price+ remove ancient statuette bcs it's not worth being there or atleast lower the price to 1. And improved maybe not so many vote sites to vote its hard maybe put few extra vote scrolls bcs so many sites so people will vote probably more becuase they get more scrolls like 7 also there is a chance to win an ags
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    damn nice job Dumling
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    As I was glancing at my email, I happened to notice a name that I haven't come across in many years. Deviouspk. That's one game I never thought would get a reboot, but here we are. Lots of familiar faces, people I never thought I'd see again. Hello Soren. If you guys don't remember me, I was a global mod on Deviouspk, gatekeeper of the Flame Wars section, and the question on everyone's tongues was whether or not I had a dick. Truth is... I don't... anymore. I donated it to Isaiah. An act of good faith. Maybe I'll play, maybe I won't. All I know is, if I do, and I enter the wilderness... you'll be rebuilding faster than Joplin after the 2011 tornado. And no one is around to steal my username this time.
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    Who:Rex What:Dude from the States When:Dont know Where:The states Why: Played APK back in the day, under different name, but recently saw something about this coming up, and thought, damn lets see who I can remember that will join back. Lets see if this will be a fun ride.
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    Awesome to see old players coming back to our community. Let your friends know, join our discord, get involved and let's have fun I'm Adam ingame and I'm EST timezone so hit me up if you ever wanna play or if you need help. Old username: King Sambo / Crablife
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    I'm offering to spend my bank on a paid series i will host throughout the Pylospk's legacy. Send in your best clips, may it be pking/event/loots(double loots?) has to be VIDEO TAPED. top 3 will get rewarded 1. - nex set 2. - Claws 3. - PKT/PK sets.
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    Hello everybody, It seems i've stumbled upon something good on the internet for once, for anybody that has played RLPK, APK, Devious, or InstantPK (which was rlpk) Then you must know who I am. My name is Taylor, I go by the name of Break Even! I Managed numerous media for RLPK to help boost community interaction and playerbase. (Which is what a YouTuber does) I started back in 2014 and have played for YEARS. Under the sad tribulations of all servers closing down it seems i've led myself to this website to only find all the veterans and a re-booted APK server. How beautiful right? However a little bit about myself, I am 22 years old. I have one child, and work full time as a double department manager in a store. I spent most my time doing absolutely nothing if I don't have my daughter for the week. The rest is history. Praying to see a successful Re-Boot, And see greatness in this opportunity! Welcome back everybody! -Taylor
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    So nostalgic watching rsps pk vids. But the song in the video was geeking me out too hard to focus. "Blacker than the nigga from all-state" lmfao.
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    smh its everyday someone gets cleaned for bank
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    lets see who clean me tomorrow
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    Lmaooo fight me @Knightmare
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