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  2. I can't be asked to list the small things, as they don't bother too much. there's one game breaking bugs that isnt fixed after reporting it 50x. DM ingame for info.
  3. -Zulrah items are useless -Zulrah mage phase doesn't seem to be weak to range, camping mage is always more effective even in spawnables -Switching from trident to another staff allows new staff to act as trident with unlimited charges -Trident cannot be uncharged -Trident charges are linked to your account, not the trident itself (not sure if intentional) -Serp helm cannot be charged -Serp helm uncharge option attempts to drop it -When your familiar dies, the items its carrying just disappear instead of dropping -KBD gate is very buggy, auto closes after teleing away yet you have to double click to re open -Warrior guild door upstairs is just fucked -Cyclops in warriors guild do not attack back and take a while to die after reaching 0hp -D2h attacks at same speed as scim -Dragon darts don't work, but cause you to melee at the same attack speed instead -Dragon halberd spec always hits only 1 time -Fight caves enemies do not move, and the Tz-Keks are untargetable -Home teleport in spellbook isn't instant - ::Clearjunk doesn't work -Recoils only reflect 10% of damage dealt, instead of 1+10% and do not work in PvM -Vesta's Spears do not degrade -Can't use k or m when spawning (eg, ::item srune 10k) -More of a suggestion, but empty spaces in presets auto filling with mantas can be annoying and seems unnecessary
  4. Last week
  5. -Farming patches can spawn all dead crops inside while offline if you have patches raked and weeds have not grown back. So you can clear your patches before you logout so there is no crops there to die overnight. But still login and find it full of dead crops. -There's alot of open spaces that you can FM at in normal osrs that you can't on here as it says you cannot light a fire here. For example. varrock west bank, camelot towards seers village bank. Also in the skilling zone, near impossible to FM there as you run into so many open spaces that say you can't light a fire here. -Not 100% sure if it's a bug, but if you kill kbd halfway and run out of food then tp out, once you go back into the lair the kbd just keeps walking to the lever even when in range of attacking you. Just walks all the way down to the lever. -Logging into the game it blackscreens, multiple people have this problem too. No matted how long you wait you have to restart your game to fix it on the first loadup everytime you restart your computer.
  6. -PATHFINDING -Rune pouch not working with vengance. -Eating doesn't stop u from attacking -Divine prayer drain currently ticks twice as fast instead of slower with prayer bonus -Infinite loading screen on login
  7. There's a few (non game-breaking) bugs with Zulrah. Sometimes when he's doing the dive animation he doesn't return back to the surface and still fights as normal, although you can't see him or which combat style he is using. He does go in a pattern so it's not hard to guess, but he usually reappears when he re-emerges as his next form. There's also a few routing issues where you can't attack him from certain spots when he's in his 2 alternate locations. Zulrah pet drop also announces as an Adamant Berserker Shield 80. There's a few looting issues as well with loot not always showing up. It's rare, but it happened to me with some overloads in ::lzone, where it announced an overload drop, but none appeared. And it happened to someone with a CCB drop at AOD event. There are a few issues with the voting links. I can try to keep an eye for which ones it was, because I can't remember for certain, but some of the links on the ::vote page register for the wrong server and thus disable you from voting on both the one you really voted for, and another random one that you didn't. The voting points you get aren't always accurate as some of the ones that say 2 points only give 1, but this could just be the first issue. Most of them work, though. I think this one was patched recently, but some NPCs tended to noclip into unattackable/unobtainable locations. Some examples are lessers demons for slayer would sometimes clip into the pillars or next to them making them unattackable by melee at least. Not sure about range/mage. Most prominently implings for hunter would sometimes clip into or next to an object and sometimes it would let you catch them but sometimes not, but often when they are clipped into something they stay there for long periods of time which can be annoying if you find a high level impling. This also may be less of a bug and more of a fix, but it would be nice to add the option to open a few more gates than you currently can't because they sometimes go in unroutable locations like the interior of Draynor Manor, or beyond the fence east of Varrock leading to Paterdomus. the Lumbridge-Al Kharid gate and Fally-Traverly shortcut would be all be nice to have usable for hunting and general purposes.
  8. Hi guys! We're currently listing alot of bugs and we really need your help with listing them all! Make sure to post all the bugs you know in here with enough and clear explanation. If they are gamebreaking make sure to private message them to me on discord. Thanks alot.
  9. Great update! I've definitely benefited heavily from this. Really love my new skeling. Although it announced as an adamant berserker shield 80 on yell so people were confuzzled haha. Top notch stuff.
  10. I cannot agree more with the pushing loot to the top. This really needs to be added above all. It seems to do this already for pvm tokens, but I've definitely lost out on pvp tickets having to spam through and endless amount of manta drops. Even regular drops do this sometimes. Maybe cut down on the amount of mantas dropped by bosses if there isn't a quick fix. And similar to the statius issue, maybe some updates to make lags look noticeably brighter/different than a normal ags.
  11. mathhaaamatics the bank just adding up This weeks giveaway, the same as last week is a goodiebag, to have a chance to win you just have to comment your in-game name and subscribe to the Pylos youtube channel! The winner will be selected to have a go at a goodiebag, this week and win 1 of 8 possible prizes! Prizes: 1500x PvM tokens A choice of either eternal/primordial/pegasian boots Divine Spirit Shield 1x AGS Imbue Kit 50x Special Restore Potions 5x Vote Mystery Box Arcane Stream Necklace Spirit Shield The winner will be announced at Monday, 8pm GMT on the servers discord.
  12. 1. Yeah this is a bug I mentioned long ago. Often when TDs display as praying one thing they are actually praying something else. 3. For sure 4. This is not a bug. Dark Bow is an extremely slow weapon so of course switching from it is going to be slow. Its similar to using AGS then suddenly switching to whip. 5. Yes I agree with adding custom gear/emotes/teleports etc for specific donator ranks. It’s a nice idea and not used in many servers 6. Yeah there’s a few things wrong with agility at the moment. I imagine when devs focus on skilling there will probably be some changes with exp rates, new agil courses etc
  13. 1) Tormented demons Overhead problem TDS tend to get stuck in a trance where whatever you are using the TD will say it is immune to your style of combat whenever the overhead prayer of TD is the opposite. (Overhead bug) 2) Cursed Stat body has bug, looks like regular stat body unless eating, potting, ECT. (Model Bug) 3) Highlight & push to top of pile any loot that are non-spawns. (Reason being it is just an extra feature for people that can't see well trying to fish through loot, to be able to notice more clearly and easier what he/she should grab) *It's a very helpful feature* 4) Fix the delay from Darkbow- switching INTO the CCB or any crossbow aswell affected.(When using darkbow spec. It will not allow you to use CCB momentarily, when I say this delay will affect you in combat i mean it. When at TDS TDS will hit you 5 times before your ccb will even start shooting again, (i can only imagine how much of a dis-advantage rangers will have in PVP combat in wilderness.) 5) Custom Donator Cape ( This provides donators a nice cosmestic item as a special and wearable "Thank You!" for contributing to PylosPk.) Maybe give this cape an ability, special emote, or teleport? Each different donation title = different special Custom Donator Cape 6) Advanced Agility Course (ECT Skill Courses & Stalls) (Agility can get very slow right? I say we offer an advanced agility course when reaching the levels of 80-90 to provide a little bit more Exp.) *Note* I know and understand all (or) any of these suggestions are subjected to be dismissed. These suggestions are primarily from my own personal opinion and have not been shared with anybody.
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    You take that back
  15. Welcome @Runerova, keep up the work guys 🙂
  16. Welcome to the team @Runerova @Adam does this mean you just lead the Planking Team? Gz to Omni and Knight too ❤️
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    7DS boring fam, move on.
  18. Calm down you will plank to this monster too EDIT: 18 minutes later OT: Hype slithery boi you've got there. thanks devs ✊
  19. Omni and Josh, your F has been revoked New F granted, gratzi @Break Even
  20. It means congratz -.- To everybody.
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